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Essential guidelines​


I provide the address on the day of our session once I have received final confirmation.

* Do not approach the door early.

* I only communicate through email.


* Most weeks my availability is approximately:

Wednesday-Monday 10am-10pm

No sessions on Tuesdays


* I am very good at things, despite not being certified or licensed in anything. My teachers over the years have been highly educated and certified in many fields.


* I am not a full service escort


* As a Zebra (link) and a Spoonie (link), I cannot accommodate same day requests for appointments

and I usually host only one session per day.


 * You must take full responsibility for anything that happens to you during or as a result of our session

(so, no suing me). ​


* NO: drugs, alcohol, weapons, full service, cologne, hangovers, full stomachs, aggression, recent cold/flu symptoms, objectification, or impatience ​


* YES: kindness, gentleness, patience, open mindedness, self-love, self-expression, questions, curiosity, excitement, and release


​* Be Super Clean. Be thorough around parts like your undercarriage, ears, mouth and feet.

Do not apply any fragrances.

There is a shower on site or you may bathe immediately before your arrival ​


* At the beginning of our session, we will clearly express our relevant boundaries.

These boundaries are not to be crossed

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