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King & Court

Culture & Conversation

I very much appreciate your interest in me and my crafts. Firstly I'd like to just ramble off a list of my most favorite things: animals, biology, science in general, history, anthropology, excellent foods and beverages, sci-fi, occultism, western and Chinese astrology, film, philosophy, plants, dance, art, my mom, and a bunch of other stuff but, those are a lot of the big ones.


Trust & Passion

There is so frequently, a drive and desire to become closer and get to know someone, to forge a friendship and relationship that extends way beyond the massage table. Have you ever found yourself wanting to go to art galleries, museums, places in nature or great restaurants but, you know they are way better with excellent accompaniment? Are you looking for a person who is passionate, vibrant, deep and creative, and you have found that person, in me? I hope that you enjoy wonderful conversations. I hope that you enjoy the sweetness of finding comfort in quietude as well. I hope that you are prepared for how sultry and sensual I can be while staying humble and easy to be around, too. 


Sensual & Resolute

Love and passion are things that flow very easily for me. I’m an intellectual who is easily approachable and I get off on making sure that you know and understand how valuable and important you are. The modern dating scene bears zero interest for me. I am only interested in mature and well-established humans who are able to do things that really enrich their lives and fulfill them. I never again want to waste my precious, special and valuable time and affection on people who can offer me with quite a lot of nothing in return. My huge array of genuine interests, my easiness to please, my creativity, authenticity, my lovely sense of humor, and my many delightful ideas and paradoxical points of view; add in a certain je ne sais quoi and this very beautiful, wise, desirable person, emerges.


Authentic & Self-Possessed

I have considered being an escort many times for a ton of reasons but, the biggest hindrance is my body, and the fact that it tends to set its own limitations for me. Escorts tend to enjoy a fuller schedule than I am physically capable of. I have a genetic disorder, h-EDS, and I happen to be far enough into its spectrum to where it becomes what they call an “invisible disability”. I take medication, do exercises and make lifestyle adjustments so, it’s tolerable and under control most of the time but, it can quickly spiral out of control if I push my body way too far. Having an unusual ailment, one that happens to give me flexibility and soft skin, provides me a certain inherent strangeness that is appropriately charming in my roll as sugar baby and mistress. Of course, it also affects my moods and perspectives which pairs nicely with my whole beautiful eccentric muse and eclectic artist in need of scholarship and patronage from generous benefactors who support feminism, the arts, and people with disabilities. 


Honest and Honorable

I physically can’t do a dozen, one and two hour rendezvous all week long with lots of different people. The drive is sort of there but my body is very unwilling. I need some kind of appropriate outlet though, so for me, things start with a $100 appearance fee to get coffee or tea together. Everything further is developed through upfront and honest conversation. If we decide to move forward and start going on real dates, those times together would typically be at least 2.5 hours. These are real dates that require mutual respect and consent every step of the way. They also get to include authentic hang out time plus, heartfelt connection and friendship that is something beyond “GFE.” Over the course of our relationship you will find yourself wanting to be generous and helpful towards me, just like I love to support you with my heart full of joy, my generous affection and gratitude, and my true appreciation for who you are as a person and as my true friend.


If SD/SB  or “Mistress/Benefactor” arrangements are new or unclear to you then, enjoy doing a bit of research. Do a little math too, from what I’ve read, being a sugar daddy or benefactor is a similar investment to having a girlfriend or hiring escorts but with better intimate features, a closer friendship, convenient boundaries and more. I can’t wait to make some very special new friends here in Portland, Oregon! 


Don’t ever treat me like you believe I’m less intelligent than I am, that kind of thing hurts my feelings and could contribute to ending our arrangement. I don’t like sarcasm. Please speak with sincerity because it’s what I do and because, I can’t stand the types of “jokes” that can easily lead to misunderstandings and arguments. Just be kind, not only to me, if I have to witness you being rude or mean to anyone or anything then, we can’t see each other. BE KIND; thoughtfully, earnestly, with sympathy, and beginning with thine own self, Be Kind. At times our lives call for us to be firm and assertive but, it never ever calls for us to be plainly unabashedly mean.

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