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Would you like to endear yourself to me by showing off how generous you can be?

I accept gifting graciously.

Tawny Port

Minimum of 20 years old


Soy or Beeswax jar candles

made with pure essentials oils

Bondage Gear

I've got an assortment already but here's where my collection could be fleshed out.

High quality products only, please:

Tazapper, gags, handcuffs, masks, CBT devices, prostate massagers, canes, and whatever sounds fun to you.


Hannah Yata

I would love any of the prints that she currently has available

Art of Maquenda

I love basically all of her stuff. Orders take extra time because of international shipping. I already have a print of Sins and the Cosmic Love pin.



flower, joints, edibles, tinctures, topicals, suppositories,

CBD versions of all these things are very welcome too, as are glass pipes and bongs.


I welcome creative gifts that are inspired by our interactions.

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