Would you like to endear yourself to me by showing off how generous you can be?

I accept gifting graciously.


Fresh Flowers

I have vases already.

I'm not super into daisies or carnations but chrysanthemums and gladiolus are some of my favorites.


Bondage Gear

I've got an assortment already but here's where my collection could be fleshed out.

High quality products only, please:

Tazapper, gags, handcuffs, masks, CBT devices, prostate massagers, clover clamps, cat-o-9-tails, canes, and whatever sounds fun to you that I don't have already.


Art Prints

Marlene Seven Bemner

Some pieces I'd love to add to my collection are:

The Cross Rose in the Garden of Venus

The Death of the Profane

The Transfiguration of Thoth

Hannah Yata

I would love any of the prints that she currently has available



flower, joints, edibles, tinctures, topicals, suppositories,

CBD versions of all these things are very welcome too, as are glass pipes and bongs.


I welcome creative gifts that are inspired by our interactions.

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