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Dakini Hali,

Sensual Healer and Guru of the Erotic Arts

I live from my heart. 

I allow it to flow into everything that I do.

A deeply passionate person,

I am devoted to kindness, honoring and nourishment.

I endeavor to create experiences that

excite the senses,

soothe the soul

& defy the status quo.


I currently hold space for explorations in

cuddles, companionship, creativity & counseling,

ancient wisdom in a contemporary world,

sensual body & energy work,

tantra and kink.


Check out Offerings for rates and details.

Check out Decorum for etiquette and schedule.

Go to the Contact page when you're ready to book.

Located in a house in Downtown Colorado Springs.

A cat that lives there so please be mindful of allergies.

Plenty of street parking. 
Side door entrance.

The space is clean, comfortable and filled with love, creativity and respect.

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