To lay the foundation for deep relaxation, we begin with a simple mindfulness technique. Then, in balancing my unbridled sensuality with years of experience in nuru, reiki, swedish and more, I have developed the perfect blend for intense release and healing that lasts.


The word tantra refers to weaving. In this practice, we weave together different cultures, philosophies, senses and souls into the divine whole. This includes cuddles, massages, light refreshments and, lots of learning about and experimenting with traditional tantric methods for enhancing pleasure and psychic awareness.

(3 hour sessions only)

Looking for extra flavor in your massage experience?

Add variety with these options:


Multifaceted, I can be as fierce and stern a dom as I am sweet and nurturing during massage. As much as I love to soothe and caress, I also love to spit, slap, choke, etc. I welcome naughty little sluts in need of discipline and torment as well as creative kinksters with safe and specific interests or rolls to play.

Cuddly Companionship

My soothing presence and delightful demeanor intertwined with therapeutically stimulating cuddles. As a sensual empath, I offer authentic closeness, comfort and care in a relaxed and intimate environment.


Counsel and Divination

I am an excellent listener and an avid studier of biology, astrology, history and mysticism. Counsel and Divination are tools for navigating through life's complexities with insights on how to be your best self.


420 Friendly

For our pleasure, healing and elevation, add flower, tincture, edibles and/or medicated massage oil to our time together.


Donations go towards my time & space, never specific acts.

Rates listed are for massage, which is always the main focus.

Add variety for an additional $20 each.

(This additional donation is towards additional equipment usage and additional setup & clean up, not towards any physical acts performed.)







$400/3hrs (Tantra Only)

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