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To lay the foundation for deep relaxation, we begin with a simple mindfulness technique. Then, in balancing my unbridled sensuality with years of experience in nuru, reiki, swedish and more, I have developed the perfect blend for intense release and healing that lasts.

Donations go towards my time & space, never specific acts





*new comers:*

A $100 deposit via Venmo is


for sessions of 2.5 hours or more




Over my 9+ years of experience, I have discovered that my gifts and talents are much more than just CMT or FBSM


One translation of the word tantra is “weaving.” Together, we weave our senses and souls in with a divine whole. We dissolve our feelings of separateness or alienation. We enhance our awareness and appreciation for our selves and our surroundings. These sessions include a great deal of learning, largely about anatomy and movement. They also involve opportunities for you to massage me as well as opportunities for light refreshments, and deep intimacy.



By nature, I am a kind and nurturing person which, I’ve always felt is a big part of what makes a good dom. I am also brave, honest and perceptive. When it comes to kink, I use every single thing that I know about psychology and senses so that, whether you’re an experienced kinkster or a curious beginner, we can work together to satisfy your specific needs and interests. My equipment collection is rather extensive so, opening that treasure chest requires an additional $20 fee for setup and cleanup.

Wisdom, Cuddles & Companionship

My soothing presence is therapeutic. I have a modicum of esoteric knowledge that is as stimulating for your mind as my touch is for your body. It is important to me that we both feel safe and honored in each other’s presence. If it is something that you would enjoy then, I look forward to many delightful conversations with you. I am certain that you have a countless number of interesting questions and ideas to share. Know that no matter what, I hold a safe space that is free from judgement.


420 Friendly

For our pleasure, healing and elevation, flower, tincture, live rosin, edibles and/or medicated massage oil are typically all available upon request. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own herbal magic.

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